The first action we will take with a new perspective partnership is assess the physician and practice to determine if clinical research is an appropriate fit. We gather information in regards to the scope and potential impact of gaps or deficiencies concerning the delivery of care in clinical research and identity constructive matrices for a successful trial in your specific practice. The processes and techniques are used to gather and analyze the centers equipment, physical structure, layout, research history, partnerships, time commitment, patient availability, and all other resources necessary to ensure the proper execution of a clinical trial.
After the initial assessment and we have collectively identified a Principal Investigator (PI), who is the lead physician involved with the clinical trial and is responsible for it’s oversight, we will discuss with the practice and physician how our program works in more detail. Items such as expectations, time commitments, responsibilities, and typically how the program starts. Next, we would discuss necessary support staff roles and responsibilities that will be involved in the clinical trial process from the practice and from UCC Trials. Once all the information is reviewed and it’s mutually determined to proceed with the program, UCC Trials will present the physician and practice with a contract for review and ultimately initiate the program.

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Urgent Care Clinical Trials is a clinical research Site Management Organization (SMO) developing the first national Investigative Site Network (ISN) specifically geared to the urgent care industry.