After we have an agreement in place, it’s time to start implementing the research program. We will take a deeper look into the patient population at the practice to determine what clinical trials are best for for the practice. During this time as well, we will set up the research office within the practice and begin our hiring process for any new UCC Trials staff. It will also be extremely important that the practice’s research staff complete their trainings provided by UCC Trials during this time in preparation for research applications.

Once trainings are complete, we will start to apply for trials in specialties revenant to your patient population. The application process is always very time sensitive and will consistently require less than a 72 hour response from research staff. After an application and feasibility has been accepted, we will prepare for a Pre-Site Visit from the sponsor. Following the Pre-Site Visit, there may be additional training and physician meetings pertaining to the specific study. Once completed, the sponsor will visit the research site and we will begin enrolling patients into the study.

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Urgent Care Clinical Trials is a clinical research Site Management Organization (SMO) developing the first national Investigative Site Network (ISN) specifically geared to the urgent care industry.