Having an understanding of responsibilities in the beginning is often key to success.  It is important to understand, ultimately, the primary source of patients that are going to participate in any clinical study will be recruited from the physicians practice.  So, it’s very important that the entire staff at the practice is aware of the research and is trained on how to appropriately approach potential research patients.  One of the benefits to running trials in urgent care centers is the constant influx of new patients.  Ultimately, it is the physician that is responsible for the outcome for the trial and is responsible for following Good Clinical Practices, treatment of patients, collecting all the necessary data required to complete the case report forms or source documents, and collect all adverse events in accordance with specific guidelines.  Additionally, the physicians practice must conduct each trial in accordance within sponsor instructions, FDA regulations, and communicate effectively with our staff and sponsors when needed.  Communication is key to a successful trial and turn around time for documents must be less than 72 hours.  UCC Trials is here to make all of the clinical processes seamless and provide the highest quality clinical support for our physicians.

Along with understanding responsibilities, having an appropriate expectation is equally important to us.  When we collectively initiate the research program, we will not be seeing patients tomorrow.  It typically takes 60-90 days before a new site is accepted for a trial.  However, this does differ based on a lot of factors including the physicians experience and the availability of new trials.

We look forward to working with you and your medical staff.

~UCC Trials

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