For Physicians

Why physicians decide to participate in clinical research.


Urgent care centers and private practices that participate in clinical trials will be on the cutting edge of medicine and technology. Our physicians work with investigational treatments that are not yet available and are able to provide their patients access to treatments which they might not otherwise have access to, making our physicians leaders in the medical community.

Increase Revenue

Clinical research can be a tremendous secondary revenue generator for physicians. With competition increasing daily and a push for lower healthcare costs, many physicians are looking to research as an additional revenue source. The revenue associated with a patient visit can be multiple times higher than a private payer rate for a similar treatment. Also, clinical research revenue is not dependent on and insurance payer making for a more diverse revenue stream at a medical practice.

Cutting Edge

Physicians participating in clinical research will be on the cutting edge of new medications and treatments. Our physicians are directly contributing to the advancement of the newest treatments, affecting not only effect participating patients today, but everyone in the world.

New Patients

The primary source of participating patients in clinical research is the physicians practice, however, UCC Trials does marketing campaigns and user other enrollment means to make as many patients aware of the new and available treatments as possible. These new patients will be participating in the research at your practice. Typically, once those patients have participated in research at a new practice, they tend to make that practice their medical home.

Your Patients

By participating in clinical research, our physicians will be able to offer their patients treatments and medications that they would otherwise never have access to at NO COST to the patients. Participating patients will receive medical treatment for their condition at no cost and are typically compensated for their time and travel, making our research program a win, win for everyone participating.

Why partner with UCC Trials.

UCC Trials has the experience and knowledge to help your practice run a seamless clinical research operation. From the start, we will access your practice and discuss with you the benefits, responsibilities, and expectations with conducting clinical research. Our services include but are not limited to:


The first action we will take with a new perspective partnership is assess the physician and practice to determine if clinical research is an appropriate fit. We gather information in regards to the scope and potential impact of gaps or deficiencies concerning the delivery of care in clinical research and identity constructive matrices for a successful trial in your specific practice.
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After we have an agreement in place, it’s time to start implementing the research program. We will take a deeper look into the patient population at the practice to determine what clinical trials are best for for the practice. During this time as well, we will set up the research office within the practice and begin our hiring process for any new UCC Trials staff.
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UCC Trials will provide daily onsite management for each study from application to study close out. We will acquire trials, negotiate contracts, manage financials and regulatory, facilitate every sponsor visits, explain consent with patients, document SAE’s, IND reports, and amendments, provide scheduling for all patients, and more to ensure enrollment goals are met.
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When evaluating a transaction in the urgent care market, buyers look for centers that are profitable, that can sustain and grow that profit, and sellers are trying to differentiate themselves from other centers. Having a clinical trials program is a way to accomplish both.

Blayne Rush

President of Ambulatory Alliances
Urgent Care Clinical Trials is a clinical research Site Management Organization (SMO) developing the first national Investigative Site Network (ISN) specifically geared to the urgent care industry.